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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review Copies

If you like "clean" (no graphic sex) Regency romance and are willing to post a review, I'd love to send you a copy of Intrigue, Forgotten, and/or The 11th Commandment, which are all in need of some review love on Amazon, B&N, Apple, Smashwords, and/or Goodreads. This doesn't mean the review must be positive, only honest. 

If you are interested in reviewing one or more of the three I just mentioned and you are able to download books from Smashwords, please comment here with your email address or email me at jaimeygrant [at] yahoo {dot} com with your request. I'm looking for a reasonable turnaround, but I also understand the demands of life. Your review must contain the fact that you received the book as a gift. This appeases the FTC. (I have heard that if you indicate it's a gift specifically from the author, Amazon will delete your review. Not sure what the deal with that is...)

I'll accept review copy requests through May 31. Thank you!  

Oh, and if you've already read one or more of these, would you consider posting a review? I'd be ever so grateful.  

♥Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!♥

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