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Saturday, May 31, 2014

~Snippet Saturday~ Redemption

I almost forgot about today’s post. I woke up with a smile on my face and a song in my head (see below), and it hit me just as I opened my eyes: “Oh crap. It’s Saturday. I have a full day planned and I totally forgot to schedule a snippet.” So here I am and I’ve chosen a snippet from one of my older books. Enjoy!  

(Redemption, from chapter six...)

Jenny wished she possessed a tiny bit of her mother’s poise. She had always loved her mother and wanted to be her when she grew up. Now, seeing the disappointment slowly unfurl in her parent’s beautiful blue eyes, she wished she were anywhere but there.

She cast her eyes to her twin, questioning her. Gwen’s smile was strained and after a moment, faded completely.

“We are concerned for you, my love,” the duchess said softly. She took her daughter’s hands in a comforting clasp, squeezing gently. “You have been spending much time at the Prestwich’s residence.”

“Gwen has visited too,” Jenny offered, confused.

Her grace nodded. “Yes, dear, I know. What concerns me is your association with Mr. Darius Prestwich.”

Jenny didn’t say a word. She just looked at her mother, waiting.

Lady Denbigh sighed. With a little tug, she pulled her child over to the bed and sat down. Gwen joined them.

“If I ask you about your feelings for Mr. Prestwich, will you be honest, I wonder?”

Since it appeared to be a rhetorical question, Jenny said nothing.

“I am your mother, Genevieve, and I love you. I know you have very strong feelings for this young man and I’m not sure you understand exactly what it is about him that worries your brother.”

“Con spends too much time with his nose in other people’s affairs,” Jenny retorted bitterly.

“Perhaps,” her mother allowed magnanimously. “But I think he has reason to be concerned, Jenny.”

Jenny realized her mother would not leave it be until she’d revealed the cause of all the worry. So, with a heartfelt, bone-weary sigh, she invited, “Tell me what he’s done, Mama.”

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