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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cowards, Giveaways, and Gothic Intrigue! Oh my!

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Gothic Intrigue
"There are two courses open to a gentlewoman when she finds herself in penurious circumstances," my Aunt Adelaide had said. "One is to marry, and the other to find a post in keeping with her gentility."
Thus begins Mistress of Mellyn by the fabulous Victoria Holt. I've been a longtime fan of Gothic romances and Victoria Holt (Eleanor Hibbert) was a Queen of Gothic Romance. My favorite is On the Night of the Seventh Moon but The Spring of the Tiger comes in a very close second. The twists and non-formulaic storylines in these two books are just amazing. If you haven't read them, I strongly encourage you to do so. All of VH's books are totally clean, if sexual details in romances are something that bother you.

(I suspect my love affair with the darker of clean romances was the greatest influence on my own darker Regency offerings. )

On that note, the Gothicked group on Goodreads is reading Mistress of Mellyn right now. Pop on over (click HERE) if you'd like to join in the group read or discuss it if it's one you've already read.


Over in the Clean Romances group on Goodreads, we're having another one of our massive book giveaways. 92 books were donated this time 'round, two of which are copies of my own Honor and Deception. Click on over to the entry thread HERE.


I've failed to keep you updated on my serial romance, My Lady Coward. Here are the links to every part of the story:

  1. Clever Fiction
  2. Clever Fiction
  3. Clever Fiction
  4. my website 
  5. my website (same page, immediately following Part 4)
  6. Clever Fiction 
  7. Part 7 is coming soon. I have to finish transcribing it. 
That's it for now. I'll be back when I have something worth saying again. Happy reading, writing, and blogging!! 


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