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Chronological Booklist

I thought it might be a good idea to post a chronological booklist since there can be some confusion when reading my books out of order. Are they a series? Yes and no. They are connected by a few recurring characters but there isn't really a "theme" that connects them other than the time period. 
  1. My Lady Coward (c. 1814)—Not technically part of the "series" though Derringer makes an appearance in one episode. 
  2. Honor (1815-1816) 
  3. Betrayal (1816-1817) 
  4. Deception (1818) 
  5. Intrigue (1819-1820)
  6. Spellbound (early 1820) 
  7. Heartless (late 1820) 
  8. Redemption (1821) 
  9. Forgotten, and other Heartless tales (1824)

For more details and titles that are in the works, visit my bookshelf page on my website. Each title above links to that book's detail page on my website. All links open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings. 


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