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Saturday, March 5, 2016

~Snippet Saturday~ Entangled (Spellbound)

Time for another excerpt from one of my stories. Gertrude has been the star of the past two Snippet Saturdays, so how about something different this time?

Let's have a snippet from Entangled, shall we? Entangled is a remake of my previously published novel Spellbound. It's getting a revamp, inside and out.

The following is the opening of Spellbound, before any changes for the revamped edition. Enjoy! ♥

January 1820

“It’s insane, Raven. He’s insane. How can you even consider it?”

Raven Emerson stared at Adam, her slightly raised brows the only sign of her annoyance. Adam’s wife, Bri, was strangely silent. Normally, she was full of ideas and opinions, some quite scandalous, but today she was keeping her thoughts to herself. Raven was unsure why this was but decided to spare her friend the necessity of giving her opinion in front of Adam.

“I don’t see how my decision is any concern of yours, Adam Prestwich,” replied Raven in her throaty voice. Her expression revealed nothing.

“None of my concern?” Disbelief was writ plain on the baronet’s handsome face. “And how, madam, do you suppose that?”

His tone had taken on a dangerous silkiness that Raven knew meant he was more than a little perturbed. She didn’t care. She was no longer his to command and she’d be damned if she’d let him try.

“I’m not your responsibility now,” she told him. “You have a wife and children to worry about. Leave me be.”

Adam stared at her. “You may not be my mistress anymore but you’re still my friend and my wife’s as well.” He paused but Raven said nothing. “You cannot have thought this through!” he finally exploded.

“I assure you, I have,” she told him quietly—and completely without truth. She caught the look of surprise on Bri’s face but ignored it. “Lord Windhaven assures me I will be well paid and have nothing to fear from his family provided I play my part well.” A ghost of a smile crossed her lips. “And there is little fear of that considering I’ve been an actress for years.”

“But you have acted in nothing for nearly a year, Raven,” Adam pointed out mockingly. “Are you sure you remember how?”

Raven glared at him in response. She was used to Adam’s callousness. She had been under his protection for years before he met and married Lady Brianna Derring, a titled lady in her own right and running from her family. Adam’s hands had been full to overflowing with Bri’s problems and while Raven had been of some considerable help to the couple, she had also been in the way.

Adam released an exasperated breath. “The man must be completely balmy to ask you to impersonate a peeress, Raven. Either that or he views you as expendable. Do you realize they will hang you if you’re discovered? And his family will probably be the first to lead you to the scaffold. Can he protect you then?”

Raven shrugged with seeming nonchalance. “He’s a duke,” she said carelessly. Inside she was frightened but she’d never reveal that to the odious man before her.

A shiver of excitement coursed through her. Her life had become a trifle boring of late—a circumstance she blamed entirely on her past decisions and her belief that she had a penance to pay for giving in to temptation—once with Adam and once with…

She pushed her other indiscretion determinedly from her mind.

That's the old version. I will do my best to have the new version for you within the next few weeks. ;) 

The cover shown here is the new one. I guess this would be the official unveiling. LOL I hope you like it. 

As always, thank you for stopping by! ♥ 

♥Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!♥

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