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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Imagine my disappointment...

Several months ago I was interviewed for an article scheduled to appear in the Jan/Feb issue of Affaire de Coeur Magazine. Due to some technical issues, the magazine failed to go to print on time and has just been released. 

Before I was even able to grab a copy for myself, I was informed that the interview with me was dropped from the issue. I was surprised, especially since the Jan 2012 AdC newsletter indicated my interview would be in the Jan/Feb issue of AdC. It was further disappointing to discover that TJ MacKay, the writer who researched and wrote the article and the related author interviews, was not credited for all her hard work and effort. I don't know anything about the magazine industry so perhaps all of this is common practice. If so, it's a rather disappointing discovery for me.

I'm bummed (and confused), let me tell you, but the article about the rising popularity of clean romance is still there, as well as the interview with Marcia Lynn McClure (an inspiration to any clean romance writer) and I guess that's something, especially for those of us who try to keep the graphic sexual details out of the romance.

I am deeply grateful to TJ MacKay for all her hard work on behalf of me and clean romance writers everywhere. TJ, you are truly an inspiration. ♥ 

Edited 5/21/2012 to add: There has been an update to this story. See new blog post titled Imagine my surprise...


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