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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

~Regency Wednesday~ English Ball Dress, 1829

I bought rollerskates recently. They're black with black and pink wheels and pink laces. Yeah...I've had black and pink on the brain lately. Needless to say, I went a little nuts when I saw this frilly little number in the 1829 edition of Ackermann's Repository of Fashion. Perhaps a bit too frilly for my personal tastes, but still very pretty.  


  Rose colour Parisian gauze dress over a slip of the same colour; the body is longitudinally full at the upper part and plain beneath; it is very low on the shoulders and straight across the bust, a perpendicular rose colour satin rouleau, entwined with narrow black velvet, ornaments the front, and a similar cordon rises from the centre of the waist, and spreads over the shoulders at the edge of a beautiful trimming of plumes de paon, formed of feathers and spiral gauze riband. The sleeves are short and full and finished with a satin rouleau, entwined with black velvet and a triple bow of black and rose colour gauze riband. The skirt is set on full, and has two flounces of the same light material as the dress, nearly a quarter of a yard in depth, ornamented en plumes de paon, headed by a double rose colour satin rouleau, entwined by narrow black velvet. The flounces commence about half way up the skirt and nearly in front with a rosette bow of black and rose colour gauze riband, and strings of the same attach it to the ceinture; the flounces have a very graceful effect as they turn off circularly to the left side of the dress; satin rouleau at the termination of the skirt. 
  Hair dressed in ringlets in front, and drawn up behind to the top of the head, where it is arranged in large bows, and interspersed with bows of silvered rose colour riband.
  Pearl ear-rings and necklace, with a diamond clasp in front; bracelets en suite, and small gold ones beneath, both worn outside the gloves, which are of white kid. 
  Rose colour satin shoes and sandals. 

*Clipped from Ackermann's Repository of Fashion, April 1829. Get the e-book HERE.

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