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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

~Regency Wednesday~ Promenade Costume, Oct 1812

On this chilly, overcast Michigan morning, I felt this bright ensemble would lend a bit of cheer. ♥

  A PLAIN muslin robe, finished at the bottom with a border of needlework, long full sleeves, and formed high in the neck, with simple collar, confined in the center of the throat with a topaz broach, and buttoned down the bosom; an amber-coloured sash, tied in irregular bows and ends in front of the figure. A rosary and cross of the coquilla nut. A lappelled cloak, of bright amber or yellow crape, faced with satin, and edged with fluted ribband of the same colour. A Wellington hat of straw, trimmed with white ribband. Gloves and shoes of yellow kid.* 

*Clipped from Ackermann's Repository, October 1812. Get the Google e-book HERE.

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