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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Summer is always a busy time, busier than any other. I have a few loose ends to tie up involving giveaways and such.

Treasure hunting...

First, many of you saw (and entered) the Annual Summer Treasure Hunt contest. You can click HERE to see the original post (which now includes all the questions/answers and the winners), or read on right here to see who won each day (number represents the day of the month; 1. = June 1st): 
  1. Melissa Brockett of Utah
  2. Crystal Dotson of West Virginia
  3. Judy Cox of Louisiana
  4. Rachel Rossano of Connecticut
  5. Taffy Lovell of Utah
  6. LuAnn Morgan of Washington
  7. Dee Bibb from Mississippi and Cynthia Peck from Arizona
  8. Kristen Tucker of Arizona
  9. Monica Knoll of New York
  10. Nicole Zoltack of Pennsylvania
  11. Amy Wheelwright of Washington
  12. Andrea Melton of Kentucky
  13. Shannon Johnson of Illinois
  14. Tarrah Montgomery of Arizona
  15. Kristen Tucker of Arizona
  16. Susan Arroyo
  17. Amber Nielson of Vermont
  18. Gayle Humpherys of Texas
  19. Megan Swanson of California
  20. Rachel Rossano of Connecticut
  21. Debbie Roberts of Pennsylvania
  22. Barbara Hightower of South Carolina
  23. Jennifer Hernandez of North Carolina
  24. Amy Lopez of Arizona
  25. Sheila Heather Martinez of California
  26. Dara Roberts of Pennsylvania
  27. Brenda Child of Utah
  28. Susan G. Haws of Arizona
  29. Marie Kacerosky of Florida
  30. Jessica Tidd of California
Whew! That's a LOT of winners. :O) Join us again the same time next year for 30 more winners. 

Never too late...

There's another giveaway I'm supposed to announce, one I'd almost forgotten about due to my own nerves in looking at the critiques from my beta readers. 

Several weeks ago I promised my beta readers that I'd enter them in a drawing for a signed paperback of Heartless, the new edition, when it's released. Those who completed the "assignment"* will be entered in the drawing and will also receive a code to download the new edition free from Smashwords. This will still happen, but I will announce it closer to the release date. I'm almost done with the cover and have almost worked up the courage to glance at the suggestions from my lovely readers. (Why is that the hardest part of all this?)

*The assignment being nothing more than reading the manuscript and replying with opinions on what can be done to improve the story. 

Don't forget...

Betrayal is still free and will be until July 31. Download your copy while you can. Do not forget to enter the code in your cart or you will be charged $2.99. 

That's all for now. Watch for a new Photo Friday mystery pic later today. Happy reading, writing, and blogging!! 

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