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Friday, July 8, 2011

~Photo Friday~ What is it? (Part 6) REVEALED

YAY! It's Friday! Here's the answer to last week's mystery pic and I was right, wasn't I? It was an easy one! 

It is indeed bacon, in the early stages of frying. Way to go! 

Stay tuned for a new mystery pic, coming up later today. :O)


Kappa no He said...

Mmm, bacon! Would you believe we can't get proper bacon in Japan. Impossible. I like it, it's soft. But it's not cured or something so it's just like ham. I miss real bacon. ^^v

PS I've missed you. I've been holed up in my little world. Need to start getting out more.

Jaimey Grant said...

Hey, Terrie! I'm so glad you stopped by! Your world has been crazy and busy so I totally forgive you. :O)

I read your book and OH MY! I had a really hard time putting it down. I'll post a review eventually, I promise. I'm really bad about posting reviews lately...


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