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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~Regency Wednesday~ A Bit of France

Last week I posted Supersizers Go Regency for your viewing pleasure. Today, I've embedded the first part of The Supersizers Eat...The French Revolution

Parts of this episode were more useful to me than the Regency one, on two counts. I have a WIP centered in and around the end of the French Revolution that extends into the beginning of the Regency. My newest WIP is definitely Regency but centers around French cuisine. Now, if only I can work up the energy to work on one or the other. :O)

I will issue a mild warning. The humor in this can be a bit crude at times--but then, history is also crude. View at your own risk. 

I highly recommend you continue watching using the links youtube provides at the end of this video. The way this episode is broken up, it's difficult to stop anyway. I also don't plan on posting each part like I did with the Regency episode.

Happy reading, writing, and researching!! 

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