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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~Regency Wednesday~ Kitchen Maid

Last week's Regency Wednesday post started off a short series of kitchen-related posts. This week, I'll talk about the kitchen maid, an essential servant in a well-run Regency kitchen. 

Simply, the kitchen maid had to do everything from cooking meals to scrubbing the work area. She had the possibility of rising to the rank of cook one day but in the meantime, drudgery was her lot. In larger households, she'd have the help of a scullery maid. (We'll chat about the scullery maid next week.) 

In my new WIP, there are two kitchen maids, Molly and Betsy, so the work would have been divided between them. However, the cook is an expensive French chef and he's not too keen to teach anyone all his secrets. So these two maids don't have much hope of replacing him.  

*The above clip was taken from The Servant's Guide and Family Manual, 1831. 

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