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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Call for Beta Readers : Heartless

What's a beta reader? Just like beta testing a program or product, manuscripts should be tested too. Readers are lined up to read an unpublished work and search for plot holes, typos, loose threads, and things like that.

That being said, I need readers for Heartless, readers who are unafraid to tell me (nicely, of course; no call for rudeness) what's keeping the book from being a 5-star read. (The book was previously self-published but has been picked up by TreasureLine Publishing.)

The blurb from the first edition:

They married in haste. Would she repent at leisure?

Finding herself abandoned after the death of her father, Leandra Harcourt takes a chance on a dark stranger at a small inn. Married, she learns about her husband during his extended absences, discovering more truth and mystery than she ever could have dreamed.

The Duke of Derringer is feared and reviled wherever he goes; he is a man not to be crossed. Finding himself suddenly in need of a wife only interferes with the plans he has already set in motion. Vowing to marry the first woman he meets, he stumbles upon Leandra Harcourt, desperate and alone.

With only sporadic visits home, Derringer finds his wife intriguing, baffling, and oddly desirable. In her prosaic attitude and calm demeanor, he discovers a peacefulness that he's never known in his life and knows he will never find again. While facing a nameless assassin, his search for his missing cousin intensifies. Little does he realize that in reaching his goal, his enemies may reach theirs, endangering his new bride as well.

For more info about the book itself, you can check out my blog, The Heartless Duke.

If you'd like to volunteer as a beta reader, please comment here with your email address and your qualifications (reader, writer, editor, proofreader, or any combination thereof--I'd like a variety). If you'd rather not leave your email addy here, drop me a line at jaimeygrant{at}yahoo{dot}com or private message me through facebook or Goodreads (don't forget to include your email address and qualifications if you choose one of these ways to contact me). A DOC file will be sent to you, along with instructions. I will be accepting volunteers until May 7.

If you've already read Heartless and thought of a few tweaks, feel free to send me an email detailing the things that bothered you.

And as a special thank you, all volunteers* (including those who have already read it and send me an email with their complaints) will be sent a code to download the new edition for free from, when it's released. Additionally, all volunteers will be entered to win a signed paperback of the new edition.

Any questions? Please ask. :o)

Thank you and happy reading!!

*You must complete the "assignment" to qualify for the free download and be entered to win the signed paperback.  


Meagan Frank said...

Oooo...pick me! Pick me! I can read it in whatever capacity you'd like. (writer, reader, editor) I am kindof an assignment follower, so if there is something specific you'd like for me to focus on, just let me know. I think you have my personal email, but if not, just FB me!

Brigid said...

I'd love to read it, Jaimey! My email is :)

Corinna said...

I am a reader and would like a chance to read your Heartless manuscript and help your book get 5 stars. My email is corinnaperkes at gmail dot com.


Lori Boggs said...

Count me in!!!! PLEASE! I think you know my esteemed resume (hehehe). Also, my mom MonaLee would like to as well. She's a hopeful writer and a serious reader. Her e-mail is Thanks!!!! (she's here visiting or she'd ask herself)

Rachel Rossano said...

Please count me in. You know my email and qualifications. :) I would love to give you feedback. Lord Hart-less has interested me from his first appearance and I am very curious about the woman who eventually captures his heart.

Laura said...

Great story line, yet a bit predictible. Of couse they fall madly deeply insatiably in love. Nothing wrong with that, at all. I personally want to be wound up & frustated More. I suppose more like a trilogy of sorts. Drag it out more. Love your writings...Why its not a 5 star is really beyond my comprhension. Im excited for the next read though.

MonaLee Wilson said...

Now that I am home I think I need to respond for myself as well. While at Lori's I got to read Deception and loved it, I started Betrayed but ran out of time.I am an avid reader and a begining writer. My e-mail is

Jaimey Grant said...

Hi! Thank you all for volunteering. I hope Heartless meets all your expectations and more.

If you know anyone who might be interested in reading/critiquing Heartless, please send them here to sign up.

Thank you! Happy reading!

Laura Sullivan said...

By when would you need it to be read and critiqued?
I am interested in participating, but sadly not available to dig in to any new books until June because I'm in several Lit classes now (and then I have another reading-heavy summer class that starts in a couple of weeks). :( So, if you don't need the "assignment" turned in until July, you can sign me up. :) laura[dot]sullivan676[at]topper[dot]wku[dot]edu


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