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Thursday, April 21, 2011

For the Record

In an ongoing effort to speak my mind, here's another installment in my new blog series. This one's especially snarky and possibly offensive. You've been warned... 

45 record

Anyone who actually WANTS to watch a girl kill herself probably deserves the computer virus they contract. I mean, seriously!? C'mon people! 

And let it be known that phishing scams are prevalent on facebook (duh). Where you were born is a VERY common security question. Whether or not a phisher can actually use this information is immaterial. Why give them the opportunity to try? 

OK, so the phishing complaint is probably no big deal. Still, are there actually people out there who WANT to see someone kill him or herself? Is it just morbid curiosity or something far more sinister? 


S.M. Carrière said...

Who? Wha...? What on earth inspired this rant? Who watched that?!

Jaimey Grant said...

It's something I'm seeing a lot of on facebook lately. Some stupid link to a "video" that is supposedly of a girl killing herself. Now, I don't know why, but some people are actually clicking the link. Then, they get a computer virus that does the typical, "tag all your friends and send it on" kind of thing. It may cause death and destruction to the computer's hard drive as well but I'm not sure. Sorry. It really bothers me that so many people are clicking the link, virus or not. :o(

Rachel Rossano said...

Me too. *shiver* :(

Amanda Stephan said...

Bleh, what is wrong with people?! And, if that was snarky, wow. You're really a very sweet person. I ought to be ashamed! ;)


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