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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Treasure Hunt: Winners 11-15

We have five more fortunate winners in our Dig for Treasure and Win! contest.

June 11th: Scott Duncan of Pennsylvania
12th: Krista Darrach of Arizona
13th: Ginny Romney of Arizona
14th: Martha Lawson of Mississippi
15th: Stacey Starley of Utah

Congratulations to the winners! There are still more great prizes so keep those entries coming!

(Come on. Do it. Ask about the baby tiger. You know you want to...)


Gloria said...

okay I will ask about the tiger cub holding the care bear toy, where did you find the pic?

Jaimey said...

I took that pic in Maryland a couple years ago. We took the kids into Cumberland for some ice cream and the baby tiger was at the ice cream shop along with some pygmy goats, a tortoise, a baby alligator, and some exotic birds. It was a very cool family outing. :o)


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