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Sunday, June 28, 2009

FREE Download of Betrayal Available at Smashwords!

Until July 3, Betrayal can be downloaded for FREE from That's right, FREE. No catches, no other purchase necessary; this is a true giveaway. It doesn't matter where you live or who you are. Simply add Betrayal to your cart and proceed to checkout. Insert the coupon code (FH67W) where prompted.

Need some more information?

Blurb from Smashwords: England 1816. Bri has been running for years. Just when she thinks she may have escaped those pursuing her, she finds herself thrown into Newgate Prison...where Adam finds her. Hired by Bri's family, he is determined to return the heiress posthaste. When it becomes clear that her family does NOT have her best interests at heart, she must accept Adam's help, something her pride will not allow.

Reviews from Goodreads:

"Betrayal, a Regency Romance by Jaimey Grant, is the tale of two deeply emotionally wounded and bitter individuals, forced to come to terms with their past and learn to forgive both each other and themselves, before they are capable of confessing their love for one another. Betrayal is well written, flows together well, and keeps one reading to the very end. Ms Grant has a firm grasp of the Regency period, and knows both how to work with and around the morés of the time." ~Joyce DiPastena, author of Loyalty's Web

"I was enthralled by her descriptions and her story line. In fact, I had a difficult time putting it down in order to get some much needed sleep and had it in my hands again at first light. The story was riviting and I felt drawn to the characters." ~Rachel Rager, author of By Love or By Sea

"Betrayal is a very emotionally-charged novel that pulls you in and makes you really feel for the characters. The author puts you in the characters' heads and helps you to understand what drives them. I don't read a lot of Regency romance, but this one definitely kept me in the story." ~J Adams, author of The Journey

"I was hooked on this after the first few pages and couldn't put it down." ~Pamela Sinclair

"Though I’m not a big fan of romance novels in general, I must confess that I have enjoyed the novels of Jane Austen...Even through the mists of a different era, Austen’s timeless insights into the dynamics of human relationships always struck me as intriguing...As a result, I approached modern novelist Jaimey Grant’s Betrayal with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism—curiosity about whether a modern writer could evoke a similar feel for relationships, and a mild skepticism about whether she could pull it off. What I found, to my surprise, was the delightful discovery of a modern author with both a deft feel for the period and an Austenesque depth of characters that was at once surprising and refreshing." ~Jeffrey Caminsky, author of The Sonnets of William Shakespeare

"I am not a reader of the genre but must applaud the story line for drawing me in and keeping my interest until the end." ~Madison Paine, author of The Poisoned Apple

"Although romance set in that era is not a favorite among everyone, anyone who loves stories of pomp and circumstance, and life on the other side of the tracks will become involved in the lives of her characters. Betrayal left me wanting to learn not only what happens next, but what is going to happen in the lives of supporting characters that are also captivating." ~kgcummings, author of The Wind Whispers War

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