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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Outing, Redneck Style

Off-topic post: A glimpse into my private life.

This may come as a surprise to some of you but deep down, I'm a redneck. Yes, it's true. I enjoy mud. Sometimes, I can even be persuaded to jump in.

Not today.

Today I settled for sitting on the sidelines, armed with my camera. It was great fun, as usual. Check out these pics of a good old-fashioned Michigan Mud Bog.

This bad boy below is Mudzilla. My cousin and my oldest brother built it; my cousin runs it. He tore out second gear fairly early in the bog. Later, after I'd left, he took it back out and tore the transmission out entirely. Oops.

To give you an idea of Mudzilla's size: This beast has backhoe tires that stand 48" tall, 2.5 ton military axles, and high angle drive shafts.

The rest of these are random pics of perfect strangers, some of whom I probably know and haven't seen in a dozen years. :o)


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