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Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun & Games with Author Gina Collia-Suzuki

Recently, just for fun and a good laugh, I informally interviewed author Gina Collia-Suzuki. This interview is not to be taken seriously as it was just a couple of quirky authors letting loose and goofing off. :o)

First, a little about Gina.

Gina Collia-Suzuki is an artist and mother to a brood of rats. That's right, rats. Cute little things they are, too. She recently published a satire entitled The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy, the tale of a harried housewife turned murderer. Funny stuff, the premise of which is based very much in truth--the part about the harried housewife, not the murder. (For my review of Gina's book, click here.)

Again, I must reiterate, this was a comical interview. Please don't take it seriously.

Me: Did you really kill your nasty neighbor? What did you do with the body? (Sitting with pen ready to take careful notes...)

Gina: Ha ha! I didn't... I swear it. Look at these innocent eyes of mine... would I lie to you? Hee hee! If I had done, he'd be buried in the woods. Not that I did. That mound of soil is due to moles.

Me: What time is it?

Gina: Quarter past seven... another forty-five minutes and it will be the time of day when Pat Guppy approves of her neighbours taking a bath. I had mine an hour ago, because I'm wicked.

Me: Great answer, Gina! I always knew you were a rebel. Next question: What is your opinion on real guppies? You know, the fish?

Gina: I like fish, the male guppy is pretty... unlike Benjamin Guppy, who is frighteningly ugly to look at.

Me: Oh Gina. You keep trying to make this about your book and I refuse to cooperate. :oP Next question: Do you like the taste of seaweed?

Gina: Nope, absolutely not. I don't like anything that salty. Heavens to Betsy, I cannot find a connection between seaweed and my book... unless you count the fact that seaweed was once used to make soap, and the Guppys don't use the stuff :oP

Me: Impressive "connective" skills, Gina. Truly. Next Q: When you go shopping for socks, do they have to be stripy or polka dotted or sparkly? Or do you sometimes buy plain hot pink?

Gina: Ah, socks... I love them so! Stripes, polka dots, sparkles... or a mixture of all three. Never just one colour... and preferably colours that don't usually go together, like purple and orange. And what have socks to do with anything Guppy? Well, Ben Guppy is the sort of man you want to sock on the nose! Hee!

Me: LOL, seriously, LOL. Next Q: Purple and orange, huh? Interesting. That leads to my next question. How do you feel about the color puce? Is puce old lady Guppy's favorite color?

Gina: No, she is decidedly grey. But Benjamin favours the colour in shirts... especially when he is wearing his disco pants.

And there ends my informal interview with Gina Collia-Suzuki, author of The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy. Comments are not only welcome but encouraged. And please don't tell us that we're crazy. We know that already...

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