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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Writing Goals for 2013

It's another year and as is becoming a habit with me, here is my opening blog post, outlining my writing goals for 2013. 

Last year's list had eleven items on it and I achieved three of those eleven. Not the best but better than nothing. Here is the new list. 
  1. Intrigue: finish the edit and pass it on to beta readers.
  2. Retribution: finish the draft, edit, and pass to beta readers with strong stomachs.
  3. Temptation: finish the draft, edit, and pass to beta readers.
  4. Update the covers, formatting, and editing on Betrayal, Spellbound, and Redemption.
  5. The 11th Commandment: finish story, compile, and offer as an eBook for download.
  6. Begin next serial for InD'Tale, have 3-4 installments completed before publication begins. 
  7. Complete the first volume of my new Regency short stories anthology. 
  8. Complete the second story for my [top secret] fantasy short stories series.
  9. Keep up with my weekly Regency Wednesday blog posts.
  10. Continue to market and sell more books. Gotta keep those numbers up. 
  11. Critique at least 6 manuscripts for fellow authors. (I forgot to include this on last year's list of goals.)
There are some personal goals too, but I won't get into them here. 

So what are your goals for this year? 

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Rachel Rossano said...

Sounds like an exciting year ahead. :)

S.M. Carrière said...

Nice list. Perhaps I ought to do something similar... Gives me something to think about, at least. Also, I can help you with no. 11!

Jaimey Grant said...

I will be counting on both of you ladies to help me with #11! :OD

Rachel Rossano said...

Oh, I am sure I will be helping with that. :)

Farida Mestek said...

That's a busy schedule! My main goal is to complete my fantasy novel, revision and all, seeing as how I've been writing and rewriting it for a year now...

Jaimey Grant said...

That's a good goal, Farida. :O)

I always set way more goals than I can possibly accomplish. I like to have a variety of options. However, I've found myself drawn to my fantasy novel and that's not even on my list this year. It was on last year's. :OP


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