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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

~Regency Wednesday~ Winter Fashion, 1814

For today's Regency Wednesday post, I've selected a fashion print from the January 1814 issue of Ackermann's Repository. This is probably much closer to what a lady might have worn to the Frost Fair held on the River Thames in February the same year. (Wish I'd found this magazine for that post. lol) 

You may recall my post on the Frost Fair of 1814. I complained in that about my inability to find a fashion print for the time and selected one from La Belle Assemblée, 1807. I don't know why I didn't think to search for Ackermann's prints. My apologies. 

  A PLAIN cambric robe, with long gathered sleeve and high arched collar, trimmed with net lace or muslin. A Spanish lapelled coat of fine orange Merino cloth; full epaulette ornaments on the shoulders: the whole lined throughout with white sarsnet, and trimmed with a raised border of white velvet or swansdown. A small, provincial bonnet of the same material as the coat, ornamented with a full curled ostrich feather. White spotted ermine or Chinchilli muff. Gloves grey or light blue kid. Half-boots of orange-coloured jean, or velvet.

*Image and text clipped from Ackermann's Repository, 1814, p.56. Full eBook can be found HERE.

This is the first time I've seen "Chinchilli" as a possibility for the muff. I had chinchillas when I was young and they make delightful pets. It's also the first I've seen half-boots made of dyed jean. All in all, researching this post was far more enlightening than I anticipated. 

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