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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

~Regency Wednesday~ Library Fashion, 1814

Clothing wasn't the only fashion important to Regency Society. For this week's post you'll find a fashionable set of furniture for the discerning Regency lady or gentleman's library. Personally, I wouldn't mind having this myself. ♥ 

THE chaste and elegant library table represented in the annexed engraving, is of a convenient form and moderate size, and is suited to an apartment of small dimensions: at the same time it exhibits that breadth of parts and greatness of design, which characterize most articles of modern furniture, and give a dignity heretofore unknown. The recess beneath renders it also extremely commodious for a writing-table, which was not the case with library tables formerly constructed. The chair is designed with equal attention to elegance and convenience, and made to correspond. They may both be formed of mahogany, with rings and ornaments of bronze; the shelves of the table will divide, so as to admit either a row of folios and octavos, or two rows of quartos. 

*Image and text clipped from Ackermann's Repository, 1814, p. 54. Full eBook can be found HERE.

I had to look up the last few words in this description. I had no idea what they meant by folios, octavos, or quartos, though I did assume it had something to do with size since they mentioned them while discussing how many would fit. Simply: big books, medium books, and small books. lol

I imagine this is the type of table my heroine from Temptation would use as she pens her books. Something to consider... 

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S.M. Carrière said...

I definitely wouldn't mind that desk in my library! When I get a library...


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