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Saturday, January 19, 2013

~Sweet Saturday Sample~ Redemption

Redemption is one of my first published books. It met the world back in '08. At just over 30k words it's not really considered a novel, but it is packed with a novel's intensity. After reaching the decision to rework all my older books (new covers, new formatting, a bit of editing), I also decided to add a bit to Redemption, if I can—sometimes stories/characters don't cooperate. 

All that said, here's a scene from the current edition, before anything has been reworked. Twin brothers Miles and Darius Prestwich haven't seen each in years. This snippet is taken from the middle of chapter one. Enjoy! ♥ 

Instead of returning to the drawing room on the first floor, Dare decided to do a little exploring. He eased his way past the open doors of the room containing Bri and hurried down the rest of the stairs. He supposed Miles was about somewhere and if he knew his twin at all, he was willing to bet he was in the study poring over paperwork.

Dare shuddered. He hated paperwork. In fact, he could barely read and that suited him just fine. He had no use for books or newspapers and less use for writing.

Miles, on the other hand, had a flair for making sense of chaotic offices, studies, and libraries and simply thrived on literature. He usually had his nose in some book or other or his hands in papers that made no sense to anyone sane. Another shudder snaked through Dare’s body at the mere thought of organizing anything.

Making another turn, Dare faced a closed door. He was willing to bet he faced the study, as it was farthest from the noise of the street and house traffic. He pushed it open and walked in.

Miles looked up with a guilty flush, thinking it was Bri who had caught him daydreaming. He frowned when he saw his wandering twin.

Dare grinned, his face looking even more handsome than normal. “Please, Miles, your excitement over seeing me again after all these years is unbecoming in a man. Restrain yourself.” He crossed his arms over his chest and advanced into the room, gazing about in interest.

Miles frowned even more heavily at his brother’s levity but remained silent for the moment. Then he noticed Dare’s choice of garb. “What the devil are you wearing?”

Dare looked down with an expression of feigned wonder on his face. “Oh, dear father in heaven! I’m wearing clothes! I left my room naked. Where did these come from?” He pulled at his shirt, making it billow out away from his muscular chest. His look of bafflement was something to behold.

Miles almost smiled at Dare’s playacting. Instead, he gave him a stern look. “You are dressed far too casual for London and our cousin’s house, Dare. What if someone calls on Bri and sees you dressed like that? You could ruin all of our social cache in just one sitting.”

“What if, shwat if,” remarked Dare carelessly. “I will wear what I want until I am forced to go about in Society. And if the ladies who visit will be frightened by my dress I will simply hide until they go away.”

“Will you cut your hair?”

That wiped the grin off Dare’s face. “Why should I?”

“You look like a pirate, Dare. All you lack is the eyepatch.”

A gleam of interest lit Dare’s expressive face. “Indeed. I’ll look into that.”

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Jenna said...

I think Dare is well named! his brother is going to regret that suggestion about the eye patch. I just know it. Fun sample!

Rachel Rossano said...

Fun. :)

Jaimey Grant said...

Dare definitely has his fun moments but there are other times he needs kicked. ;)

Thanx for stopping by!


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