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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Would you want to be CHOSEN?

Now playing on my mp3 player: Breaking Benjamin, Anthem of the Angels♥ 

I totally forgot to share my latest Clever Fiction short. Last week the prompts were broken~desert~voices. I wrote a story called Chosen, based on an idea provided by my husband. He read the finished product before I submitted it and said it more than met with his approval; I'd surpassed his vision. 

For those of you who wonder, my husband is painfully honest with me about my writing. He praises me where he feels I've done well but doesn't hesitate to point out where I've erred or my story falls flat. 

That said, I invite you to pop over to Clever Fiction and read my short story, Chosen. It's not romance, not historical, and not what I normally write. It was fun to veer away from my usual. I hope you enjoy it! Comments on the story are always welcome and appreciated, but not required. 

There's a new prompt this week and today's the deadline. I'm almost done with mine. Tomorrow a new prompt will be announced. 

Happy reading, writing, and blogging! 

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