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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~Regency Wednesday~ Beau Brummell

One very famous Regency figure was George Bryan Brummell, more commonly known as Beau Brummell.

He set the trends for fashion and cleanliness of person. His acerbic wit was both loved and feared by his contemporaries. In the early years of the century, he was never far from the Prince of Wales's side.

At the start of the Regency in 1811, the newly appointed Prince Regent started distancing himself from some of his friends, Brummell included. Towards the end of the Regency, as his debts piled up until he couldn't afford to pay them, Brummell lost favor with the Regent and fled to the continent in 1816 to escape debtor's prison. He died in Caen, France in 1840, insane and poor.

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