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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Heartless Dragon Update

Remember way (way, way, way, way) back when I asked for Heartless beta readers? I bet you're all wondering what's up with that, right? I haven't announced a winner, I haven't revealed a cover, I haven't mentioned a release date... 

The list goes on and on. 

Here's the deal: I'm a coward. That's right, a coward. I haven't cracked open those critiques 'cause my stomach lurches every time I think about it. I'm not sure why; Honor's critiques didn't fill me with this much dread.  

Heck, I got critiques on a fantasy novel I wrote almost two years ago and still haven't read those suggestions. (And I'm positive they're GREAT suggestions!) 

Then there's Dragon's Birth. OK, this one is a little closer to seeing the publishing light of day than the other two. In fact, it is up on Smashwords but the version there is not how we (Linda Boulanger of TreasureLine & I) want it to look. So, don't rush out and buy it yet. Especially if you were one of the ones who commented on my blog post ~Giveaway~ Woo-hoo! 100 Posts! (OK, 101.) and are thus entitled to a free copy.

All that said...

I am not trying to renege on my promises. The lovely readers who took time out of their busy schedules to read/critique Heartless will receive their free, cleaned-up eBook version when it's released, and one will receive a paperback. As for Dragon's Birth, as soon as my publisher gives me the HOORAY, I'll be emailing those download codes to the 6 lovely readers who commented (with their email addy) on my earlier blog post.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I really appreciate it, as I appreciate each and every one of my blog followers. :O)

Happy reading, writing, and blogging!


Rachel Rossano said...

Have you considered having someone else read the comments first and pass on only those that are helpful? That might help with the fear.

I completely understand the anxiety. I was having palpitations over sending out review requests for "Exchange." I had to keep reminding myself why I was doing it (so more people would find and enjoy my stories). It helped a bit. I still am a bit wound with all the releases and editing going on over here. *bites nails* ;)

Jaimey Grant said...

I hadn't considered that, actually. Huh. Food for thought.

I still don't understand what it is about this story that makes me so nervous. It's really strange. I know why I'm nervous about the fantasy novel. I'd stepped out of my comfort zone and I'm pretty sure my world-building fell far short of what a fantasy novel should have. I hesitate reading comments that support that belief. :O/

Thanx for your understanding (and suggestion), Rachel. I appreciate it. :O)

Rachel Rossano said...

Perhaps it is because your main character is so unusual, hard to like (though I liked him ;)).


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