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Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Shorts

So there's another short story of mine floating around in web-world and it's called My Lady Coward. Ooo, LOOK! Here's a pretty little cover just for it. Gosh, I do love book covers. {happy sigh} 

If the title or cover intrigue you, please click HERE to read, comment and share. Or just read. That's OK too. :O) 

In other, related writing news, there's a new Clever Fiction prompt up on the site and I encourage all writers to take a look. Even if you don't want to submit a story to the site, it's great practice. 

Readers, at the time of this post 5 writers have already answered this week's challenge. There are 20 stories from last week's challenge, 18 from the week before, and 12 from the week before that. All these stories are between 250-1000 words. Stop by and read a few; you might find your next favorite author.

Until next time, happy reading, writing, and blogging!!

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