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Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Naming Contest!

YAY! My precious kitten had her babies very, very early this morning. The first was born just before midnight and the next five came into the world within 2-3 hours after that.

Here they are, numbered in the order they were born. Baby #1, a girl, has already been claimed and named Ticky (inside joke). Baby #6, a boy, was the loudest so I named him Foghorn, to be affectionately known as Foggy. 

The other four, however, remain nameless. That's where you come in. :O)

Comment here (on the blogspot end of this post, not the Goodreads or facebook feed of it) with the name you'd like to bestow upon one of these little darlings. Be creative! With names like Stinkerbell (the momma), Ticky, and Foghorn, the others will need something just as clever (weird?) to retain their dignity amongst their peers. 

If you have any questions about the contest (or the kittens), please ask. You may enter as many times as you want, each entry being a separate {unique} name. The most creative name will be selected and announced August 15 (the judges being my husband, my brother, my two children, and me) and that name will be given to one of the kittens. This contest is open to all! 

As a bonus, we'll select our six favorite names. The commenters who submitted those names will each receive a coupon to download my newest Regency romance (Honor) for free from (What? You didn't think I'd pass up an opportunity to pimp my new book, did you?) 

So, to sum up the rules: 
  • Make sure you follow this blog, it's only fair. You have options: email list, Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs, and/or "Subscribe to..." Just please make sure you're doing at least one of these things. 
  • Comment here with a name, not on the Goodreads or facebook feed, but here on blogspot. 
  • Include your email, so I can easily contact you if you win. 
  • Multiple, unique entries are allowed. Please don't submit 20 names that only vary slightly from one another.
  • Open to all, regardless of where you live. 
  • Deadline: midnight (eastern time), August 14; winners announced August 15. 
  • I reserve the right to ignore any entry that is inappropriate (no dirty words or swears), common (please no Fluffy's or Spot's), or redundant (make sure you're not using someone else's entry). Thank you!
I think that covers everything. Any questions? If not, let the baby naming begin!!

Edited at 11:38PM to add:

It was brought to my attention that I failed to mention the genders of the babies. The only females are babies #1 and #5. I hope that helps. (Thank you, Kandy, for asking!)

And here's a video I just recorded, about a half hour before editing this post (please be patient as it loads):

Thank you, Rachel, for the idea. :O) 


Rachel Rossano said...

Anthony (Tony for short)
Babar the Elephant
Lord Rupert the fifteenth Earl of Fish (Rupe for short or maybe Fish) (The older the title the more esteemed it was, right?)
Okay, now I am getting weird. I wish I could watch them for awhile and get a better idea of their personalities. My kids' nicknames usually come from their behavior (for example, Katezilla). :)

Anna L. Walls said...

I think #3 should be cream puff.

Anna L. Walls said...

#2 should be MeMe

mrgrayson said...

Big Red

Anna L. Walls said...

Oh and the last one in need of a name simply has to be called Bob (even if it's a girl) hahaha

Rachel Rossano said...

You are welcome. :) The orange in the middle is definitely a pushy one. :)

Jaimey Grant said...

I totally forgot to mention that I'll need emails, too, so I can easily contact you if you win. I've added that rule now. :O)

Amanda Stephan said...

LOL, I like Bob, Anna!

2 - FruFru
3 - Ziggy
4 - Smitty
5 - Inigo Montoya (you killed my father. Prepare to die...)

amanda38401 at gmail dot com

Such fun, Jaimey :)

Ria said...

#4 Rummy lol


Tiny Tim
Crab Apple (Crabby for short)

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Ok, here goes:

Sunburst (Sunny)#2
Ice Crystal (Cristy)#3
Sandstorm (Sandy)#4
Rainstorm (Stormy)#5

Cynthia Schuerr said...

:-) :-) :-)

Krisi Keley said...

Pardon the first three, but I love the foreign languages! :-D

Goombah or Bel Paesan (I was thinking this one for #2 from the picture with his arm around his bud, but after I saw the video, I thought instead: Je reve du lait (seems long, but if you run it all together like the French do... zharehvdoolay) - trans. I dream of milk.
Primo Gatto or Prima Gatta
Whiskery Chic (seems like it would sound better with the jeans brand pronunciation though)

I like Amanda's 5!

They're adorable, Jaimey, and mom's so pretty!

jcsgs11 at aol dot com

Ellen C Maze said...

#2 (dark orange) is my favorite!
Name him/her -- Taebo, because he/she really packs a wallop!!

Jenna (Novella Reviews) said...

The dark grey one should be Baltazar.

The teeny, tiny orange one is Smidge.

and which ever one is most huggable needs to be Dobby.



JAScribbles at g mail

Melissa Bentley said...

Mon Ami ("my friend" in French),
Andrew's ideas;
Lord Fluffykins of New Fluffia (Lord Fluff or the Fluffmyster for short)
Skylorce (this is one for a boy).

Melissa Bentley said...

Byron's idea for the tailless one, tailless backwards Selliat (minus one s). Sselliat looks weird. lol :)

Unknown said...

Gary (Spongebob's snail)

Unknown said...

Don't know why it says unknown...I posted it?!?

Jaimey Grant said...

Please remember to include your email, everyone. I'll need a way to contact each winner.

Thanx for all the great suggestions so far!


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