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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Babies Are Named!

Well, two weeks after their birth, we've finally named all six kittens. One name was selected from the entries in my baby naming contest, the rest just sort of happened. Foghorn, the lighter gray kitty, received a name change when my brother decided he's taking BOTH gray kitties. 

Here are (from the back) dark gray baby girl Ticky, feisty orange baby boy Big Red, and sweet yet loud baby boy Nermal

(Stupid blogger keeps flipping this picture for some reason.) Here are (from the top) stripey black sweetheart baby girl Sable, and fluffy sweet twin boys Buttercream & Butterscotch

The name we selected as the winning name was Big Red. Thank you so much for the suggestion, mrgrayson! (I don't have your email, so please contact me at jaimeygrant {at} yahoo {dot} com to find out how to redeem your prize.) 

The other five winners of an eBook copy of my Regency romance Honor are... 
  • Heather Lyons for Princess Poppycock 
  • Krisi Keley for Je reve du lait 
  • Amanda Stephan for Inigo Montoya 
  • Jenna (Novella Reviews) for Smidge 
  • Anna L Walls for Cream Puff 
Honorable mention goes to Rachel Rossano for Lord Rupert the fifteenth Earl of Fish because it made me giggle. 

Thank you all so much for all the great suggestions. Those of you who provided your email should hear from me soon. Those of you who didn't provide your email, please contact me at jaimeygrant{at}yahoo{dot}com to find out how to redeem your prize. 

Until next time, happy reading, writing, and blogging!!


Rachel Rossano said...

I am glad I made you laugh. :)

Jenna (Novella Reviews) said...

Yay for Smidge!!!

Thank you for awarding me a copy of Honor. :-) Can't wait to read it.


Amanda Stephan said...

Woo hoo, thank you, Jaimey! I can hardly wait to read Honor! :) those were some great names - I just wish I could keep all the kittens as well. *sigh*


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