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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There's just no understanding...

Franz Ignaz Günther - The Muse Clio Writing History - WGA11009
The Muse Clio Writing History
...the muse. 

Mine started whispering in my ear while I was on vacation this past weekend. I was in the most romantic little motel (with my hubby) across from Lake Michigan and I had this sudden urge to write. Early morning, hubby still sleeping, I pulled out a notebook. The story I worked on was the sequel to my unpublished fantasy novel. Of all the things I'm writing, why in that moment did the muse demand the most unromantic one??

Like I said, there's no understanding the muse.  

Good Morning, Lake Michigan! 

Goodnight, Lake Michigan! 


S.M. Carrière said...

Oh tell me about it! And why, oh why, must the muse be so very inconvenient?! While I'm training? Really, muse? You couldn't wait 'till I got home and was somewhere near a pen and paper, and not wearing boxing gloves? Really?!

Rachel Rossano said...

I know the feeling! Lately my characters start talking to me in the shower. By the time I get all the kids up, dressed, fed, and I can catch a moment on the computer, my characters have given me a cold shoulder and refuse to spill all the details they were itching to earlier. Grr!


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