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Thursday, February 6, 2014

~E-book Sale~ ♥ FREE to 99¢ ♥

Just a few book related updates for you, my lovely readers.

First and foremost, Intrigue received a glowing, beautiful, 4½-star review from InD'tale Magazine. It was completely unexpected, and so thrilling! (I always expect the worst. LOL)

"Writing that shouts "well above average" should never be missed, and Ms. Grant certainly has attained a lofty position with this story!" ~InD'tale Magazine

To celebrate, I've put Intrigue on sale. The price change hasn't fed through to all the stores yet, but at the time of this post, it's reduced at Amazon (US & UK), Apple, B&NSmashwords, and Kobo. It will soon follow to Sony and Diesel

Second, Heartless has been on sale for 99¢ since I revealed the cover for my upcoming release, Forgotten, and other Heartless tales. Seemed appropriate, considering the new book is tied very closely to Heartless. (For example, the heroine of the first story in this anthology is the sister of the heroine in Heartless. Yup, very closely tied together.)

"The richness and emotion of these characters will grab you by the heart and the story will not let you go!" ~InD'tale Magazine 

Get Heartless at Amazon (US & UK), Apple, B&N, Smashwords, Sony, Diesel, and Kobo for only 99¢ until Feb 28.

As another "woo-hoo" announcement, Whispered Beginnings, the Clever Fiction Writers Anthology that boasts one of my exclusive Regency short stories, is now free. Follow the title to read an excerpt of my short story and for buy links.

And as always, My Lady Coward is free, The 11th Commandment is only 99¢ everywhere e-books are sold, and my one and only non-romance/fantasy short story The Dragon's Birth is also 99¢.

*All links open in new tabs or windows, depending on your browser settings. All linked titles go to the corresponding page on my site where you can find blurbs, excerpts, and buy links.  

♥Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!♥

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