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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Forgotten Blurb

Forgotten, and other Heartless tales is officially submitted to formatting genius Linda Boulanger. It will undergo some painless cosmetic surgery before I release it to you lovely readers. ♥ 

Meanwhile, I should share the official back cover blurb for this treasure, shouldn't I?  

Lady Michaella Harcourt's loyalty is unparalleled. Years after his death, she still pines for her lost love. The desire for a family, however, leads her to the Duke of Derringer with a request: arrange a marriage for her, to a man who won't require her heart.

Gabriel has made a life for himself with the Frenchwoman who fished him from the water many years ago. He remembers nothing of his former life, but when bits and pieces begin to fall into place, he seeks answers. Hélène does whatever she can to fulfill his wish, even if it means losing him to the woman who haunts his dreams.

Introductions: A Heartless Conclusion... 
Michaella's house party takes a turn for the intense when Lord and Lady Gabriel St. Clair attend. Old emotions resurface, sending certain guests into a panic. Meanwhile, the Duke of Derringer and his wife must overcome a crisis of their own.

Remember, Intrigue and Heartless are on sale for only 99¢ until Feb 28. Take advantage of the price now! ♥ 

♥Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!♥

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