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Saturday, November 24, 2012

~Sweet Saturday Sample~ Heartless

It's time for another Sweet Saturday Sample and I've chosen Heartless again this week. The following excerpt is the first scene in chapter two, as our heroine realizes how little she knows of the man she just married. Enjoy!!

Leandra Merrily Harcourt married the third Duke of Derringer one early morning in late October. Shivers threatened to send her to the floor, the enormity of what she’d just done closing in on her. She knew so little about this man she now called husband.

The local vicar ended the ceremony. Leandra barely managed a full breath when the duke suddenly pulled her against his tall form and pressed his lips to hers. Shocked gasps came from the vicar and his curate.

For Leandra, time slowed. The embrace shocked her as much as their audience but for a very different reason. This man she’d known for mere hours manhandled her and she felt... excitement. She gasped and he released her with a mocking grin.

“Thank you, vicar,” the duke said as he escorted Leandra from the room. He tossed a few gold coins at the man as payment for services rendered and then handed the curate several pound notes as a donation to the church. “I have money to spare now,” he said carelessly to Leandra’s questioning look. “Thanks to you, wife.”

His voice held a note of something that made Leandra shiver uneasily. Oh, Lord, what had she done?

She knew exactly what she’d intended. She had leapt at the chance to become somebody’s—anybody’s—wife. Seduced by his manner, all ease and power, she’d craved the same feeling. She wanted to be able to act in any way she pleased without fear or threat. The penniless bastard daughter of a deceased earl had very little actual freedom.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short excerpt. If you liked what you read, then I have great news! You can get this book FREE in the Kindle Store November 28-29. Mark your calendars and be sure to grab your copy then!

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jeff7salter said...

Uh oh ... this girl's in a lot of trouble. This guy just married her so he could qualify for some financial benefit.
There will be resentment, fear, and who knows what else.
Post some more.

SherryGLoag said...

What an enticing sample. I guess her secret will out before she's ready for it.

Patricia Kiyono said...

He said he has money thanks to her, but she's penniless? I wonder who's using whom?

Sandy Nachlinger said...

I'm curious about where this "money to spare" is coming from and wondering what Leandra has gotten herself into. Is the Duke a cad? Good excerpt.

Marsha Ward said...

Wow! Powerful scene, Jaimey. I wonder what's in store for this hapless lass?

Oh, how I hate captcha. If this doesn't go through first try, I won't try again.

Jenna said...

Wonderful sample! I want to know so much more. But right now, I'd say she's bitten off more than she can chew with this duke!

Jaimey Grant said...

Yeah, this duke is a bit of a handful. But he has his good points, even if he is determined to keep them buried out of sight. :O)

Thank you, all, for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed this sample. Be sure to download the whole book next week (11/28-11/29)! ♥



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