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Thursday, November 8, 2012

~General Updates~ InD'Tale, Heartless, My Lady Coward

The new issue of InD'Tale Magazine hit inboxes about a week ago. The latest installment of my serial Regency is in there, as well as the usual offerings from my fellow columnists Tammy Grant (Soapbox Blather—always funny) and Jimmy Thomas (cover design advice—always informative). In this particular issue there's an entertaining article with author H.P. Mallory, an article on the Steampunk genre, another on pixies, articles on writing, and any number of great tidbits. And don't forget the book reviews. If you haven't subscribed, click on over and do it now. Subscriptions are still FREE.

Meanwhile, I've turned in part 5 of The 11th Commandment. YAY!!! Look for it InD'Tale's December issue.  

After agonizing over the back cover blurb for Heartless, I finally came up with something satisfactory. I posted it over on my Heartless blog, so click on OVER THERE and give it a read. 

Also in Heartless news, I've closed review copy requests and all eBook copies have been sent out. The new edition is now live in the Kindle Store. After Feb 4, 2013 Heartless will be made available at Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, Sony, Apple, and Diesel. I'll keep you all updated on that. 

My Lady Coward....
I've been transcribing part 10 and I'm almost POSITIVE this time that part 10 will be the final installment of this Regency serial. (Yes, I know I said I'm transcribing it, but I haven't actually reached "The End" on the handwritten version.) As it stands (without counting part 10) this story is just over 11,000 words. I think that's a nice length for a short story, don't you?

Until next time.... 

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