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Saturday, November 17, 2012

~Sweet Saturday Sample~ Heartless

Today's Sweet Saturday Sample is another excerpt from Heartless. This is from chapter one, as our hero and heroine share a meal during which he eventually persuades her to marry him. Enjoy!

Leandra’s eyes widened. The gentleman was very handsome in a non-fashionable way, very elegant…and very dark. Everything about him was dark. He wore a black cloak over a black jacket, a black shirt, and black buckskins with black topboots. Even his cravat was black. His gloves, tossed on the table beside his plate, were black leather. His black hair was worn long and tied back with a black velvet ribbon. His eyes were black and his skin was tanned dark.

She wondered a trifle breathlessly if his handkerchief and smallclothes were black as well. He quirked a black brow at her even as she assessed his appearance.

“Do I pass muster on a purely physical level?” he asked, voice tinged with sarcasm.

“Do you have a black horse?” Leandra heard herself asking before she could stop herself.

A sharp bark of laughter escaped him. “As a matter of fact, I have several black horses as well as a black cat and a black dog.”

“Oh, my,” she murmured.

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Rachel Rossano said...

He is such a fascinating character in so many ways. :)

Jaimey Grant said...

Naming all of his black animals was particular fun. lol

Thanx for stopping by, Rachel! ♥

Sherry Gloag said...

Methinks he's either teasing or she's going to be shocked by who or what he is.

Jenna said...

Hope it's not a black day that has her accept his proposal! Sounds like a fun read! He seems to have a great sense of humor (dark of course LOL).

Jaimey Grant said...

His sense of humor, what there is of it, definitely qualifies as dark. ;O)

Thanx for stopping by, Sherry and Jenna! ♥


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