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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~Regency Wednesday~ Bon Appétit! (Part 2)

Many of you saw the video I posted last week, the first part of a six-part series called The Supersizers Go... Regency. It's actually just one episode of a BBC series called The Supersizers. (If you live in the UK, I apologize for what is no doubt very old news to you. lol) 

Below I've embedded the second part of Supersizers Go Regency. In this part, they try jugged hare, English rarebit, and sweetbreads. (I will issue a warning here, if you are sensitive to the sight of a cook chopping up a bunny, don't watch this part.) As a special treat, I've included a recipe for English rarebit (a very simple recipe and similar to my husband's favorite snack), immediately below the video. 

English Rarebit (based on what is said in this video):

Cut thick slices of bread, douse with red wine, cover with cheese and grill or broil them until the cheese bubbles and browns.

(Apparently, the treat my hubby enjoys is Welsh Rarebit: same as above but without the wine.)

Instead of waiting until next Wednesday, I'll post Part 3 tomorrow. If you're interested in the cookbook mentioned in the first part of this series, you can download the Google book HERE.

Happy reading, writing, and EATING!! 

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These are great Jaimey!
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