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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~Regency Wednesday~ Bon Appétit! (Part 1)

I've started writing a new story, one that has a LOT to do with the food of Regency England. In researching the subject, I came across a cool Regency forum (Regency Society of America) and a series of youtube videos all about eating Regency style. I've embedded the first video here for your viewing pleasure. I'll post a new one next week as I continue my research into the cuisine of the time, along with a recipe from whichever cookbook I happen to be perusing at the time.

(If you can't wait for the next part of Supersizers Go Regency, there will be links at the end of this one.) 

Here's a recipe for a French Omelette, taken from Culina Famulatrix Medicinæ or Receipts in Modern Cookery with a Medical Commentary, 1810: 

Until next time, happy reading, writing, and researching!! :O)


Linda said...

I have to admit, the only way I'd want to live or relive that period is within the pages of one of your novels! Very interesting video.

S.B.Niccum said...

I'm with Linda on that one! That was funny though.


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