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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For the Fans

This is one I really wish I could post on facebook, but...oh well. We have two eBook copies of Honor reserved for two facebook fans. 

There's two ways to win: 
  1. Fan my author page on facebook, comment here on this blog post (with your email), and you're entered to win an eBook copy of Honor. If you're already a fan, comment here and you're entered. 
  2. Fan my cover design page on facebook, comment here, and you're entered to win. Again, if you're already a fan, comment here and you're entered. 
And as always, if you can't comment here on blogger for whatever reason (we all know blogger can be as quirky as facebook), drop me a line at jaimeygrant{at}yahoo{dot}com to let me know you've fanned one or both of my pages. Remember, there are two copies up for grabs here, one for a "Jaimey Grant" fan and one for an "Author's Art" fan. Fan them both for two chances to win. :O) 

Entries will be accepted until Midnight tonight (Central Time). Winner will be announced here and on the TreasureLine blog tomorrow.


Tiffany said...

I am already a fan of both! I hope I win :) Wishing you all the best!

tifferz19 AT hotmail DOT com

Gayla said...

Love your cover designs. What a great job that would be!
Good luck with all of your books!
Gayla Catrett

Sirhijinx said...

Done :)

Kazul said...

Love Jaimey's mind! It's got a great design--

Joyce DiPastena said...

I'm a fan of both AND I recommended your design site to a RWA group yesterday. Do I get an extra entry? (Just kidding! About the extra entry, I mean. ;-) )

jdipastena AT theriver DOT com

Anonymous said...

Third place is a charm, right?!? I am so excited to read this...and it would make things so much easier if I won one!! MMF

Katrina W said...

Im a fan over at both ;) Love the cover btw ! Im a cover love girl !!! Happy Honour release day !! and thanks for the great parttteeee !!



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