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Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Record

Here is this week's For the Record post. OK, not this week's, per se, but probably the only one I'll do this week. I'm really quite as sporadic with these posts as I predicted I'd be. Anyway, here's my latest whiny complaint, complete with the mild snarkiness for which I'm some....

45 record

Websites that play music automatically irritate me. Give me the option but please don't force it on me.

Now, just for fun, read that sentence again. 

If you read it this way... 
"Websites that play music {slight pause} automatically irritate me."'re wrong.

Read it this way to get my true complaint: 
"Websites that play music automatically {slight pause} irritate me." 

Yeah...there's really no difference, is there? {slight shrug}

Thank you. Please enjoy the little music clip I embedded. 
(Just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't resist.) 

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