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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Reveal

So here is the official cover for Honor, my soon-to-be released Regency romance. (I know, since the cover vote, the "big" reveal isn't quite so climactic, is it? lol) 

I don't have a release date yet, but watch for this one soon from TreasureLine Publishing


Lady Verena Westbridge would rather die than marry. When her father accepts the depraved Percival Winters on her behalf, flight seems her only option and entering into menial service the perfect hiding place. Resigning herself to serving her own kind for the rest of her life, she naively believes she is safe.

Lord Connor Northwicke arrives at a house party and rescues a young housemaid from the unwelcome advances of a brute. Feeling the need to be near her, he offers her friendship. But her disguise is undone and he must save her from her own father by doing the very thing she fears most. He must marry her.

But as Verena's past emerges in bits and pieces, fear threatens to overcome love. Verena must fight for her marriage...and her sanity.

Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!

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