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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Learned in 2010

2010 was a year of adjustment and personal growth. Here's a brief list of what I learned that may be of some help to others, writers and non-writers alike: 
  • Everything you see, hear, or read should be taken with a grain of salt. 
  • A writer most definitely CAN edit all the emotion out of his/her manuscript. 
  • Well-meaning advice can be more hindrance than help. 
  • Some '-ly' words are necessary and 'was' isn't always passive. 
  • Write to your strength and only improve that which actually needs improving. True friends can point out where you honestly need to strengthen your writing. 
  • We are all artists. We are all talented. 
  • Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. 
  • A lifetime of abuse does not disappear with the death of the abuser. It is up to the abused to let the past go. 
  • A change in your diet can result a new outlook on life. 
These were personal lessons for me but perhaps my readers can take something away from them, too. I hope everyone's year was filled with love, family, success, and happiness. May the coming year be the same. 

Happy reading, writing, and blogging!! 


Jane Charles said...

All are excellent points. I would be add - trust in yourself and trust your gut.

Jaimey Grant said...

Very good point, Jane. Thank you. :o)


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