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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~Regency Wednesday~ Landaulet 1819

Regency England teemed with carriages, especially during the daily promenade through Hyde Park. The carriage pictured here is a landaulet, a small version of a landau. 

A landau was a four-wheeled carriage with two passenger seats facing each other. The two-sectioned roof could be folded down or left up depending on the weather. 

The landaulet was just a smaller version of that with one seat and a retractable roof. The one pictured here was featured in Ackermann's Repository in March 1819 for the moveable axles it has. 

*Ackermann's Repository, 1819, page 125


tea said...

I would have to hold myself steady in this carriage. It looks so delicate. I love Regency romances. Thanks. I'll have to stop by again.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

It looks like it might be a challenge for a lady in a long skirt to climb into. I would have to have it open or I would get 'carriage sick.'


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