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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Short Story Success

I recently played with short stories, writing one on top of the other, as a personal writing challenge. I entered four of them for inclusion in an anthology and two were picked. I'm tickled pink, let me tell you. :o)

One of the selected is a personal favorite of mine, The Assassin's Keeper. This story is about Sable, a female assassin in Regency London. It's my typical offering, dark, morbid and a little depressing. Does it have a happy ending? You'll have to read it to find out.

The other selected was Survival, a dark fantasy-type story that barely qualifies as flash fiction. It's about 20 words over the 1000 word limit. The lead character is Faolyne and it's her job to make sure the balance of life doesn't shift. Another somewhat morbid offering.

So when can you expect to read this anthology? The lovely editors are giving us a release date of August. The exact date is unknown at this time. The good news is, the completed book will be available as a free e-book. Isn't that awesome?!

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