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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flash Fiction : Stalker

Here's a fairly recent flash fiction piece I wrote. (Definition of flash fiction: A complete story or stand-alone scene that is 1000 words (1-2 pages) or less.)


Silence lay in the house, crept though the halls and down the stairs. Nothing stirred save the heartbeats of those who slumbered.

The beats grew in volume until they echoed through the house. 

A lone figure moved, his eyes glinting silver in the inky black of night. He listened with everything in his being; listened to the breaths of those who slept, listened to the dreams in each peaceful mind. 

Silent, he moved toward his goal. With each step, his long black cloak swirled at his ankles. Within moments he stood over her bed. 

Tangled red curls covered her pillow, one shoulder exposed to the chill night air. Her lips parted on a breathy sigh, stretching into a pleased and secret smile. 

 Her smile was reflected on his own face, he knew. She dreamed of him, of his arms around her, his breath mingling with hers as he kissed her mouth. 

 He sighed before he could stop himself. Her eyelashes fluttered and her smile disappeared. Shifting, she opened her eyes slowly. Her smile returned, welcoming him. 

 “Darling. You're back.”

This was a writing exercise. It is only the second flash fiction piece I've ever written.

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