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Friday, May 7, 2010

~Photo Friday~ Regency Evening Gown

I admit, this is not a "photo." However, it was about the closest thing they had in 1815. I also thought it would be nice to do this since I neglected to do the last two Regency Wednesday posts.

Description as printed in Ackermann's Repository, February 1815: "EVENING DRESS: Pale pink or primrose-coloured crape petticoat over white satin, ornamented at the feet with a deep border of tull, trimmed with blond lace and pink, or primrose-coloured ribband, festooned and decorated with roses; short full sleeve, composed of tull and crape, with a border of French embroidery; the back drawn nearly to a point, corresponding to the cape front of the dress, and trimmed round with blond lace; the waist very short, and an easy fulness in the petticoat, carried entirely round."

*Ackermann's Repository, 1815 (Google book)

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