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Saturday, November 22, 2014

~Snippet Saturday~ Deception

How about a little taste of Deception? This was my fifth book published, the first published by TreasureLine Publishing. It’s a favorite of mine for a variety of reasons, the main one being how delightfully horrible my Heartless Duke is in this particular story. ♥ 

Taken from the middle of chapter six...

A week later, Aurora still suffered the ill effects of the Duke of Derringer’s well-chosen and completely hateful words. Many shunned her despite her remarkable lineage and some gentlemen had been forward enough to offer her carte blanche. Ladies tended to avoid her company altogether.

Aurora didn’t care. She was more worried about the duke’s whispered words to her. It was nothing more than a man’s name, but that man’s connection to her would destroy her reputation as assuredly as Derringer had destroyed Miss Weatherby’s.

The gossip surrounding her name now would stop just as soon as someone provided the ton with something even better to talk about. If they discovered her secret, nothing short of a royal scandal could replace the gossip. And although the royals were quite willing to make a byword of themselves, lately they had been rather circumspect.

If this little snippet intrigued you, you can find more info, links to more excerpts, and purchasing links on my website HERE. Thanx for stopping by!

♥Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!♥

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