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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

~Regency Wednesday~ Paper Maker

Time for another clipping from The Book of English Trades. For today's post, let's take a look at the...


"The art of making paper, as at present practised, is not of a very ancient date; paper made of linen rags appears to have been first used in Europe towards the beginning of the thirteenth century, but of its origin nothing can with certainty be affirmed." 

The chapter continues to describe various "papers" throughout history. They also talk about "current" paper making practices and materials. 

  "Another important alteration has been recently made in the art of paper-making, by the adoption of machinery for fabricating it from the pulp, and at one operation pressing it between the felts, and rendering it fit for the second pressure, by which an immense saving of labour is made, and the quality of the paper improved. Messrs. Fourdriniers have a patent for these machines, of which they have erected a great number in different parts of the kingdom.
  Paper has been occasionally made of straw, and other materials not commonly in use, and Mr. Koop, in 1802, obtained a patent for making straw-paper, but we have not heard that the use of this article is become common.
  Paper is subject to heavy excise duties, the particulars of which we have not room to enumerate; and the manufacturer of paper must also take out an annual license."

*Clipped from The Book of English Trades (1818), p. 284-292. Get the Google e-book HERE.

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