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Monday, April 28, 2014

RONÉ Award Finalists

The votes have been tallied and the finalists in the 2014 RONÉ Awards have been announced. There are so many wonderful books on this list and guess what? Intrigue made it (Historical: Post Medieval)! 

Even better, my bestie's book, Dance with the Enemy, also made the cut in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi category! DOUBLE SQUEE!! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the RONÉ Awards, I'll briefly explain. It is an award given to the best in independently published books. The first step is a professional review, done by InD'tale Magazine. If the book rates 4 stars or higher and was published in the year specified, it's automatically entered. (Books published in 2013 are the ones being judged this year, for example.) Once the nominees are announced, they pass to the voting stage, where the public votes for their favorite books in each category. The top ones are then announced as finalists.

A trophy from last year.
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©2013 Tonya Smalley 
The next step in the award process, the step we're on now, is professional judges. These lovely men and women (authors, publishers, editors, and others in the industry) will read the books assigned to them and decide which they feel should receive the stunningly gorgeous trophy for each category. And there are so many wonderful books/authors on the list! I can't even imagine how the judges will make their decisions. I do not envy them in the least! lol

The winners will be announced in July at the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas, NV. The RONÉ Awards ceremony is the best part of the convention with quality entertainment, lots of laughs, and lots of class. If it's the only part of the convention you can attend, it is the best part and so worth it. With InD'tale Magazine in charge of the awards, you know it will be great!

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