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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

~General Updates~ Intrigue, InD'Tale, RNC, Book Covers

Well, dang. I don't like that I'm getting into the habit of updating this blog only once a month. Not good. Things should get back to normal after August, when all the vacations and conventions and stuff are behind me.

I did it. I clicked the button.
  Intrigue (my next full-length Regency romance) is finally done and uploaded to KDP. It's currently "in review" on my KDP dashboard. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, it will be available for purchase.

  This one takes place between Deception and Entangled*. The hero is a secondary character from Deception. His friends include the Duke of Derringer, so of course, the morbidly attired, slightly eccentric duke makes an appearance.

  *Formerly known as Spellbound.

InD'Tale Magazine and RNConvention.... 
  The lovely ladies from InD'Tale are hosting a casual gathering at the Golden Nugget Buffet in Las Vegas on August 8. It's so they (we) can get to know the lovely readers of InD'Tale Magazine. If you plan to be in Vegas for the convention, please consider gracing us with your presence. The exact time is yet to be determined.

  More info on the event can be found HERE and info on the buffet itself can be found HERE

Book Covers.... 
  I have joined forces with some seriously brilliant cover designers. Our fearless leader, Renée Barratt of The Cover Counts, started a facebook page called Cover Art Collective with the specific purpose of displaying the premade covers that many of us have available. So if you are an author in need of an affordable, quick, yet professional cover, please check out the ones listed there. ♥

  *Each designer has their own album of available covers. These are NOT template designs. Each design is sold only once. When a design is purchased, it is removed from the page. 

♥Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!♥

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