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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~Regency Wednesday~ Nubbing

Tragedy has struck the Grant household in the form of a tomcat getting into the chicken coop. Not a very important tragedy in the grand scheme but rather heartbreaking for this small family. 

That said, I'm having trouble keeping my mind on any one thing for long so here's another slang definition, courtesy the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

Hanging. Nubbing cheat: the gallows. Nubbing cove: the hangman. Nubbing ken: the sessions house.

*Taken verbatim from the Kindle edition. Get your free copy HERE

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Sharon E. Cathcart said...

I am so sorry about your chickies, Jaimey. It doesn't matter what kind of pets they are; we love them.

Tammy Grant said...

Oh, Jaimey, so sorry! That had to have been terrible. :(

Jaimey Grant said...

Thank you, both, so much. I never thought I'd get attached to chickens. Heck, I only got them for the eggs, you know? But they have such funny personalities and little unique quirks. I never expected that. [sigh]

This too shall pass.

S.M. Carrière said...

I'm so sorry about your chickens! I'm not allowed to keep them, but I'd be devastated if something happened to one of my pets.

Jaimey Grant said...

I'm relieved two of my three babies survived the attack. If it wasn't for hubby hearing the ruckus and going to investigate I'd have lost all three, I'm sure. One was badly injured but she's doing much better today, eating, drinking, and she even popped out of the coop to talk to me when I went out to feed them this morning. :O)


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