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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

~Regency Wednesday~ Hyde Park

It's Wednesday again, my lovelies, and you know what that means.... 


That's right. Here is a lovely Regency tidbit for your edification. Enjoy!

Hyde Park was where one went to see and be seen during the late afternoon hours while enjoying a Season in London. It was one of the few places a young, unmarried lady could go with a gentleman, unchaperoned, provided they did not go in a closed carriage.

In My Lady Coward, Maria accepts an invitation to go driving with the Duke of Derringer. She doesn't realize that her reputation would suffer just being in his presence, even if they went in an open carriage as propriety dictated.

*Image clipped from Hyde Park: Its History and Romance by Mrs. Alec-Tweedie (1908), p.312. Google eBook can be found HERE. 

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